Missing: Bride Barbie, Reward: BBQ Party!

Hi Barbie!
Hi Ken!
Wanna go for a ride?
Sure Ken!
Jump In……

I’m a Bride Barbie, at Magnolia Lake,
Our venue is amazing, it’s fantastic!
But follow me around, I’ll be everywhere,
If you can find me, you may win!

Come on everybody, let’s go win a party!

Bride Barbie will be at different locations each week through Huntsville. Pictures will be posted every Monday and you will have till Friday to figure it where she is. Each month, we will draw a name from the weekly winners for a prize. After 3 months, we will do another drawing for a grand prize…a BBQ party for the winner and 12 guests at the Ice House!!
Be on the lookout for Bride Barbie!!